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DO IT! Even When You Don't Really Want To!

What's up BOSS? Some of the most successful people I've had the chance to know, met and/or train are incredibly accomplished inside and outside the gym. Why? Well, as best as I can tell, one of the most common traits of these folks is their commitment to their goals and consistency in taking the necessary actions to bring those goals to life. In other words, some people just do it, like Nike says! Some people get up and get to doing what they have to do whether they FEEL like it or not!

I had a wonderful experience today that I'd like to share with you to illustrate my point. I had a pretty good day today. Not my best but definitely up there. Funny thing is that it didn't start out so well. Let's just say that I wasn't exactly on my "A" game this morning. Anyway, by the time 11:30am came around I was frustrated with my "performance" as a Fitness Coach. I also felt completed drained from a week of hard training. At 12 noon I pulled into the American Kickboxing Academy (where I do my fight training) parking lot to attend the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practice for the pro MMA fight team. I honestly sat in my car for a good fifteen minutes before I started to walk thru the front door. Just doing that was like moving a mountain for me. Why? Well, the training leading up to this fight has been rough, a little rougher than usual. For the last two weeks my body has been feeling torn apart at the end of nearly every practice. On top of that, I felt like all my peers where kicking my a$$ at nearly every exchange, in nearly every practice. Bottom line; I wasn't feeling super motivated to do much of anything except maybe sleep. I was seriously, SERIOUSLY debating whether or not I should just go to a local 24 Fitness and do some light cardio conditioning on my own. Ultimately though, I decided to drag myself out of my car and train; and I'm glad I did. I was moving pretty slow at first but as the class picked up and my peers started to challenge me, my energy picked up as well. I actually had some awesome exchanges today as my teammates and I tried to choke each other out and/or bend each other limbs in creative directions! At the end of it all my teammates gave me some very positive feedback. Several of them said that I was looking sharping, moving well, feeling strong and that I was definitely ready for this next fight! That was great to hear because, as I said, I have been struggling. I was good to hear that the work is finally paying off. Today was easily one of the best practices I've had leading up to this fight!

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I just want to use this little story to remind you that it's totally normal to have days where you REALLY don't feel like working out. Sometimes, on those days, you really shouldn't; you might be one push up away from a major wrist injury or something of that nature. However, there are also those days when you really, REALLY should workout. Sometimes, you just gotta dig deep and push through. I can't really tell you how to distinguish one type of day from the other. All I can say is listen to your gut! However, I do know that if you can muster up the strength to get though that training session, it might be the one that makes all the difference in your journey; wherever that may be! Just a thought, hope this helps! P.S.: If you don't already know I'll be fighting in my eighth professional MMA fight on November 4th at the Jackson Rancheria Casino in Jackson, California. Tickets for this fight MUST be purchased online! If you'd like to come out to see your dude put in work, I'd love to have your support! Simply click on the link above for details! Best, Jeremy "Little Spyder" Murphy Your Favorite Neighborhood Fitness Aficionado

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