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It's a Bird, it's a Plane, No! It's VEGAN MAN!!!

What's up BOSS? Today I wanted to return to the conversation we were having a couple of weeks ago in regards to the what it means to become a VEGAN. On my second to last email to you I promised that we would discuss the BENEFITS of becoming a Hippie, I mean "Going Vegan!" Now keep in mind, the reason that we're even on this topic is completely by accident. A few months ago (late February) I was attending a Fitness Business Mastermind meeting in Sacramento. As we were listening to the guru's Online Success lecture when the women next to me noticed my super clean diet. She quietly leaned over to me and whispered, "Are you a Vegan?" Kind of in the same manner that you might discreetly ask someone "Do you smell that?" Now I don't remember what I said to her exactly but I do remember that my mind proudly said "Yep! You know it!" Then it went "Wait, what's a VEGAN again?" This lead me down a path of exploring what it means to "Become vegan". As I've learned more and more about the lifestyle I thought I'd share some of this information with you so that you could benefit from it as well. That said, please keep in mind that I'm not a dietitian or a certified nutritionist. I'm just an incredibly handsome articulate guy trying to figure this all out! Without further ado... 1) Healthier Skin! Several of the case studies and personal accounts that I read or listened to mentioned people reporting having healthier skin! This is super important because many of us spend a lot of time and money on looking our best. Sometimes we forget that a clean diet could be our best "make up" tool! 2) Weight Loss! When you eating a diet based of plants, beans and seeds having come off a diet of dairy, meat and fish; chances are your going to lose weight! In some cases A LOT of weight! Reason being is that your no longer consuming they kinds of foods that tend to (in many of us) cause bloating, digestive disorder and inflammation. As a result you're making it much easier for your body to extract the nutrients it needs and get rid of the rest!

3) Reduced Risk of Disease! This is a HUGE benefit! There are several studies that strong suggest that meat eaters have a much greater risk of cardiac disease, diabetes and several types of cancer when compared to their NON-meat eating counter parts. We'll dive more deeper into this issue next time but again; this point is a game changer in and of itself!

4) Compassion for Animals! For some people animals (except of course their dog Mr. Fluffy) are simply food with legs. Nothing more, nothing less! However, there is a powerful movement geared toward changing how our food is manufactured; from beginning to end. There's a growing number of people who, once learning about how our food is conventionally "prepared", have decided that they no longer want their hard earned dollars to be a part of the industry. We talk more about this topic in another email as well!

5) Care for the Planet! There is an insane amount of resources that goes toward manufacturing our processed meats, fish and dairy on a daily basis. According to an article written by Kai Olsen-Sawyer titled "Why Meat Eats Resources" the average amount of water (i.e. Water Footprint) needed to produce one pound of Beef is 1,799 gallons while one pound of Pork requires 576 gallons! WHAT!?!?!? Conversely, the article goes on to state, the water needed to produce a pound of Soybeans is 216 gallons while a pound of Corn requires 108 gallons. Crazy right? Again, there's a growing number of people who are deciding that they want nothing to do with this industry. Many people would rather invest in a much healthier and more sustainable method of eating and I applaud them for making that choice. After reviewing the information that I've learned, I think that's something we should all consider! That's all for today homie! Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome health and wellness info coming your way!!! All the best, Jeremy "Little Spyder" Murphy Your Favorite Neighborhood Fitness Aficionado

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