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 Practical Self Defense!!!

The idea behind this one of a kind program is to use proven self defense techniques and concepts to give women and youth a real fighting chance against any would-be attacker. The sad truth of the matter is that assault can happen almost anywhere; at work, at school, on campus, at a nightclub or even in one's own home. The good news is that there is HOPE! The primary benefit of self-defense training is that can give you the ability to take control of a situation BEFORE it gets out of hand.

Check it out, you asked for it and we are brining it back; the IGNITEBK Mother/Daughter Self Defense Seminar at SBM Group Fit! 

Here are the details....


HOW MANY: Looking for minimum 12 participants

WHEN: Sunday, August 25th

HOW LONG: 10am to 11:30am (90mins)

HOW MUCH: $50 per person ($40 per person if registered before August 2nd!)

For more information on training times and rates please got to the CONTACT US page and request details for IGNITE!BK Women's Self-Defense Training. Be sure to leave your contact information as well! 

Thank you!!!

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