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Team NITE-NITE at @koa_training_academy in Newark is about to take off in a major way! Parents, if your young person is a member of TEAM NITE NITE or thinking about joining us there are a couple of super important things that you need to know...


1) These TEAM NITE-NITE Tees are partially for fun and something that the kids can hopefully take pride in but these Tees are also our New Uniforms! Meaning that starting in March a TEAM NITE-NITE T-Shirt will be mandatory for all youth kickboxing students at KOA Newark! Also,...


2) Officially as of last week TEAM NITE-NITE Youth Kickboxing Classes at KTA in Newark will be held THREE times a week! Those days and times are the following...

TUESDAY: 4:30pm

THURSDAY: 4:30pm and



3) This means more opportunities for YOUR kids to train and improve but that also means more sweaty-ness! 🤢That said, I strongly recommend you buy TWO Tees while the price is still discounted! 


That’s it from me Beautiful People; please be sure to Pre-Order your DRIFIT Team NITE-NITE Tee ASAP using ONLY the information provided below...


VENMO: Jeremy-Murphy-777


*You can also make your payments in CASH to me in person if you so choose!  Thank you!!!

Team NITE-NITE T-Shirts

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