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The goal of 1-on-1 training is to help people successfully achieve their specific strength, physique and physical endurance objectives. All clients receive a customized fitness program written, managed and designed to meet each individuals specific goals, concerns and needs; based upon our "Five Pillars of Fitness" which are the following:

1) Core Strength -

"Core Comes First!"

2) Functional Movement -

"Quality Over Quantity!"

3) Sports Specific Strength & Ability-

"Lifts That Support Your Life and Activities!"

4) Aerobic Conditioning -

"Control Your Breathing!"

5) Anaerobic Conditioning -

"Let's Get That Heart Rate Up!" (More for Athletes and Weekend Warriors)

Meal planning, training "homework", and supplement suggestions are all included in any training program a potential client might choose! But, beyond the technical knowledge, the absolute most important point is to empower people with the physical strength, mental conditioning and nutritional awareness to eventually take their fitness regiment back into their own hands!

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