Client Testimonials





"Jeremy has helped me achieve an entirely new fitness level and continues to make every session challenging yet fun! He takes the time to explain both the "what" and "why" behind each routine emphasizing quality form/technique over volume (a Huge plus in my mind). I thoroughly enjoy working out with Jeremy and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness."

Chris Maxcy

August 2017

"The core conditioning work you have helped to guide me through has erased the small support muscle fatigue that underlay my almost daily pain and stiffness.  

The results have been truly impressive!"

Conrad Vial, M.D.

March 2017



"There is something new every time! Jeremy is really, really good at keeping it fresh

and I enjoy his sense of humor!"

Amy Travers

March 2017

“Jeremy has by far excelled my overall fitness level and has helped me continue to encourage and motivate my own clients!  His drive, integrity, and love of what he does truly shines through in every session!!! "

Ilissa Louth

February 2017

 Jeremy is a thoughtful trainer who is very strategic with his approach and workout plan. He understands your goals, builds a plan to meet them and continually observes your strengths and weaknesses along the way to improve and optimize the plan!"

Maye Chua

March 2016