DO IT! Even When You Don't Really Want To!

What's up BOSS? Some of the most successful people I've had the chance to know, met and/or train are incredibly accomplished inside and outside the gym. Why? Well, as best as I can tell, one of the most common traits of these folks is their commitment to their goals and consistency in taking the necessary actions to bring those goals to life. In other words, some people just do it, like Nike says! Some people get up and get to doing what they have to do whether they FEEL like it or not! I had a wonderful experience today that I'd like to share with you to illustrate my point. I had a pretty good day today. Not my best but definitely up there. Funny thing is that it didn't start out so we

It's a Bird, it's a Plane, No! It's VEGAN MAN!!!

What's up BOSS? Today I wanted to return to the conversation we were having a couple of weeks ago in regards to the what it means to become a VEGAN. On my second to last email to you I promised that we would discuss the BENEFITS of becoming a Hippie, I mean "Going Vegan!" Now keep in mind, the reason that we're even on this topic is completely by accident. A few months ago (late February) I was attending a Fitness Business Mastermind meeting in Sacramento. As we were listening to the guru's Online Success lecture when the women next to me noticed my super clean diet. She quietly leaned over to me and whispered, "Are you a Vegan?" Kind of in the same manner that you might discreetly ask so

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